Rescue Kits

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Kit-1 – Confined Space Team Kit-Rigging

This kit has the minimum equipment for the entrant, attendant, and stand-by rescuer, rigger and belayer to set up the systems for a vertical and horizontal entry into a confined space for a rescue and patient transport. This kit is an excellent choice for rescue units that already have communication equipment and the capability to monitor and mitigate suspect air.

Kit includes the Following:

2 Princeton Tech EOS II Headlamps
4 12ft.x1in. Tubular Web Yellow
2 Load Release Strap
1 Rescue Lifesaver Victim Harness
5 Rescue Gloves, Large
1 150ft.x1/2in. Rescue Rope Blue
1 200ft.x1/2in. Rescue Rope Yellow
3 5ft.x8mm Prusik Cord Red
2 Rescue Edge Guards, Large
2 Manual-Lock Carabiner, Slate
1 Swivel Double Pulley
5 2-1/4in. Single Pulley
5 Rescue Helmets
2 Quick Link, Delta
2 Equipment Bags
1 Born Entry-Ease
1 Sked-Evac Tripod
5 20ft.x1in. Tubular Web Red
2 Rescue Anchor Strap, Med
1 Rescue Lifesaver Chest Harness
2 Protech Rescue Harness L/XL
1 150ft.x1/2in. Rescue Rope Orange
1 150ft.x1/2in. Rescue Rope Red
3 6ft.x8mm Prusik Cord. Green
2 Rescue Edge Pad, Large
10 Screw-Lock Carabiner, Brite
4 Oval, Red
1 CSR Pulley
1 Anchor Plate, Aluminum
5 Alta Knee Pads
4 Rope Bags
1 Miller Full Body Splint
1 Sked Basic Rescue Team
1 Sked-Evac Tripod Bag


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Kit-2 Confined Space Rescue Team Kit – Complete

The complete kit adds a confined space communication system and the capability to monitor air and mitigate any problems to the Confined Space Rescue Team Rigging Kit. It provides the minimum needed for a five-person team to conduct a confined space entry under rescue conditions and evacuate the patient.

Kit includes the Following:

6 15 ft. x 1 in. Tubular Web, Orange
6 20 ft. x 1 in. Tubular Web, Red
1 Rescue Pick‐Off Strap
1 Rescue Etrier w/Tie‐in, Red
1 150 x ½ in. Rescue Lifeline, Orange
3 6 ft. x 8 mm Prusik Cord, Green
2 Rescue Edge Pad, Large
3 Oval Carabiner, Red
1 Rescue Aluminum 8 w/Ears, Black
2 Gibbs Ascender, ½ in. Aluminum
1 Rescue #2 Rope Bag, Red
1 ProSeries Stretcher, SS, Rectangular
6 5 ft. x 1 in. Tubular Web, Blue
6 12 ft. x 1 in. Tubular Web, Yellow
2 Load Release Strap
2 Rescue Harness, L/XL
1 150 x ½ in. Rescue Lifeline, Red
3 5 ft. x 8 mm Prusik Cord, Red
10 Screw‐Lock Carabiner, Brite
3 ProSeries 2‐1/4 in. Pulley*
1 Rescue Rack
1 Rescue #2 Rope Bag, Orange
1 ProSeries Stretcher Harness


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SafEscape ELITE RDD Kits

A proper safety at height program includes the necessary steps for safe and quick rescue in an emergency. The new Miller SafEscape™ ELITE RDD is the next generation global solution for rescue/descent that meets all applicable safety standards throughout the world, lowers cost of ownership, enhances safety and is easy to use.

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Confined Space Systems and Rescue Devices

The retrieval system is primarily used in confined space applications where workers must enter tanks, manholes, etc. and may require retrieval from above should an emergency occur. Suspension systems are used widely in the window washing and painting industries and are designed to lower and support a worker while allowing a hands-free work environment.

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DuraHoist Confined Space Systems

Miller DuraHoist

Miller® DuraHoist™ Four Piece Confined Space System
The four piece Miller DuraHoist system is designed for manhole and confined space entry/retrieval applications. The modular design allows for the use of components in various configurations and applications. Multiple winches and/or self retracting lifeline systems may be mounted as required. DuraHoist is constructed from lightweight high strength powder-coated aluminium, no tools are required for assembly.


  • Lightweight, easy storage, transport and set-up.
  • Height of mast can be adjusted according to users requirements.
  • DH-4 has built-in level indicator for easy leveling.
  • Quick release joins for easy collapsibility and transport.
  • Three piece base features adjustable screws for easy set-up.

Mounting Sleeves 

  • A wide variety of mounting sleeves are available with the DuraHoist range.
  • DH-7ZP is a floor mount sleeve, which is suitable for mounting on horizontal structures.
  • DH-8ZP is a wall mount sleeve, which is suitable for mounting on vertical structures.


  • Confined Space.
  • Rescue.

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